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RE: sauces and frozen tofu

I prefer to marinade and bake my tofu, then it can be used in a variety of
different ways. It also holds up nicely in the fridge for a good long time
because I bake most of the moisture out of it. I just marinated a batch over
night (after draining it all day long) and cooked it this morning in a 350
oven. I slice it nice and thin. I use it on sandwiches, in stir fries, and
in other recipes. This batch was marinated in teriyaki and Yoshida's
gourmet. I bake until the edges are brown, turning onces. I also like to
sprinkle a few sesame seeds over them for an added crunch (bake with sesame
seeds on for nice toasted seeds).

It's the only way I've found that I like tofu...except in dips. I use
low-fat kind in tubs.