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Chick Peas

Just wondering, is the 1 ounce you refer to for dried or cooked 
chickpeas. And, to all of us "ounce-impaired" folks, about how 
much is 1 ounce (eg., 1/2 cup, 3/4 cup?). Thanks! Nice idea. I 
usually cook mine a bit more, add some more seasoning and throw 
them in with many of the other items I make. Especially yummy in 
salads, soups, pelau, or as a base for spreads, and of course 
there's always hummus to make with them. They really are 
amazingly tasty and versatile. Try making curried potatoes and 
chick peas. It's awesome, the only problem is eating too much, it's 
so good. 

Nutrient Total for 1 oz. of Garbanzo beans
Calories  46.49
Pro (g)  2.52
Fat (g)  0.74
Fiber (g) 3.2
Carb (g)  7.77
Na (mg)  68.89
vitA (IU)  7.65
vitC (mg)  0.37
satF (g)  0.08
Chol (mg)  0