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RE: Chili Sauce

Hi Anna,

Well, if it's the "chili sauce" they have over here (e.g., Heinz, which
tastes like sweet catsup), I have a great recipe for you.

It's alternatively called "Swedish" or "Jewish" Meatballs.  Just make a
fatfree meat substitute into little balls (or cut fatfree veggieburgers
into cubes).  In a skillet or frypan, dryfry balls or cubes (you can spray
a touch of oil on the pan first if needed).  When they look done, add 2
parts chili sauce and 1 part grape jelly (2/3 cup to 1/3 cup if you're
doing about 2 cups of the balls or cubes.  Continue to cook, stirring
constantly, until the chili sauce/jelly mixture loses much of its liquid
and sticks to the edges of the cubes or balls like a glaze.  Delicious!
Our family has loved them for years.


Sherry in Oregon
>London, 18th May 2000.
>I've just bought a bottle of 'chilli sauce' and I've realised I've got no
>idea how to use it in ff salad dressings, or anything else for that matter!!
>Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to e-mail me
>privately, if you wish.
>Thanx in advance,
>Anna from London (England)