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Breakfast ideas

Hi!  Breakfast is probably one of my fave meals of the day.  Frozen
Banana/berry/etc. smoothies (mixed with water or milk, or try coffee if
you're daring!) are great.  I generally have an egg white (for protein)
with puffed wheat, rice, or corn cereal tossed with some oat bran or Grape
Nut O's for fiber and more flavor.  Oatmeal's great, so is Wheatena, etc.
A favorite of mine that we can only purchase when we take a trip to Canada
each year is a hot cereal called "Red River" w/ seeds and such.  FF Cheese
over hot FF egg-replacers is good as well.  I also mix up a pancake batter
w/ ww flour, etc. and with a little applesauce to replace some of the
flour.  Sometimes its tricky if its thin, but it works.  Have fun!