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Mike - about boiled peanuts

Subject: Boiled Peanuts
I've been looking for information on the Fat, Fiber, Carb, Calorie, etc.
content of boiled peanuts. Any help would be appreciated.

HINT: A good alternative to boiled peanuts is chickpeas. Place the dried
chickpeas into a large pot covered by 2" of water with seasonings of your
choice. (I just use salt and minced garlic-you could add red pepper, tobasco
or cayenne to make them spicy or seasoning salt-old bay, you get the idea)
Bring them to a boil, cover and turn off the heat. Let them sit for at least
1 hour. (up to 2 is fine) Remove and drain into a strainer pouring off the
excess liquid. Let cool and eat. They are crunchy and have the same texture
of a boiled peanut with much less fat and much more fiber. Not fat free
grant you, but much closer than peanuts. Store in the fridge in a covered

Nutrient Total for 1 oz. of Garbanzo beans
Calories  46.49
Pro (g)  2.52
Fat (g)  0.74
Fiber (g) 3.2
Carb (g)  7.77
Na (mg)  68.89
vitA (IU)  7.65
vitC (mg)  0.37
satF (g)  0.08
Chol (mg)  0

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