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Hi, all,

Babaghanoush in its various spellings is a middle eastern dish, which is why 
the Greeks on the list were confused.  You can find recipes for it in the 
archives as well as on www.vegweb.com and the berkeley site listed earlier.  
It generally does contain tahini (sesame paste) as someone said, but you can 
always approximate and fool with the ingredients to change that.  Hummous, my 
other fave middle eastern dip, is a similar dish based on chickpeas instead 
of eggplant.  I make that one a lot in the summer since no cooking is 
involved, so I know the ingredients include the evil tahini again as well as 
more oil (which I don't add, of course), lemon juice, fresh garlic and 
various spices, according to region and taste.  We dip into it with whole 
wheat pita.  I have a vita-mix so I sneak in fresh veggies which my kids 
don't notice due to the fine puree, the garlic and the hot sauce I add (not 
normally an ingredient but I never claimed to be normal).  As a side note, 
this is the dish I used to put Breath-Asure to the test - and it passed!