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What I ususally do for things that call for deep frying, is "oven-fry"
them. I dip them in fatfree salad dressing, then the coating (seasoned
ww bread crumbs or corn meal, etc.) then bake it at 350 or higher.
Usually vegetarian things don't need alot of cooking; you just want to
crisp them and heat it through.  Specifically, for a thicker cut of
tofu, you would cook at 350 for 20 or more minutes.  For something
thinner or maybe lighter, you would cook at 450 for 10 min. or even
broil for only a couple of minutes.  Of course, the result is not the
same as with frying, but it's the next best thing.
The dressing I use now is by Maple Grove Farms; fatfree "Greek." Note -
it does have dairy.