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cooking ahead

>I noticed recently that without my "emergency" jar of
braised veggies in the
>fridge, I wouldn't eat very much.  It takes less than 20
minutes to make and
>keeps for a few days (I guess, I usually see the bottom of
the jar within 48

Sophie, what a great idea, thanks for this.  I love to have
things made upin the fridge, will add this to my repertiore.
A huge help for me is salad, I buy all the makings, wash the
greens and dry really well, using teh salad spinner then
layering the greens in as clean towel or two to gete it nice
and dry, then I tear up the greens, add any othere veggies,
not wet ones, then put all the salad into a gallon size zip
lock bag, sqqueeze out all the air I can so it looks sort of
vacumn packed.  Then when i want a salad I just take out a
handful and add whatever else I want, dress it and yum.
Some of my favorite veggie additions that store well
cukes, the hot house kind, they are dryer
radishes, the regular kind or daikon
celery, sliced carrots, bell peppers, jicama, brocolli or
cauliflower bits, sliced mushrooms, and on and on

>I've used a  light spray of pan spray with a light
>sprinkling of dry breadcrumbs for phyllo layering and it

Good idea, Kathryn, this would make a nice change of pace.