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Inexpensive recipes

I am always looking for new recipes and cookbooks, as some of my old
cookbooks revolve around meat. One day I was looking through cookbooks at a
bookstore and found some Moosewood cookbooks, which not only have wonderful
recipes but are just beautiful. However, the price really took me back. I
couldn't pay $35 a piece for these!

So when I got home I headed to Ebay and typed "Moosewood" into the search
engine. I have been able to purchase the "Moosewood Low Fat Cookbook" and
the "Moosewood Specials" cookbooks for under $20 altogether. Ebay can be a
great source for good condition, low cost cookbooks. They both look nearly
brand new (one I think was completely brand new...probably a gift never
used) and the price was right.

Other areas I look for cookbooks are used book stores. I found a copy of
"Laurel's Kitchen" for $.75 and a copy of "The Tofu Cookbook" for $.50. (My
husband defaced that cookbook, but the recipes are still intact and it is
quite amusing to find his artwork among the pages. He is NOT a tofu fan.

In addition, there are a few great places on the web with recipes:

www.vegweb.com Veggies Unite has all sorts of vegan recipes

http://soar.berkeley.edu/recipes/ Searchable Online Archive of Recipes has a
great search engine. If it tells you they are too busy, hit the back button
and try again. I've never not gotten through on the second try.

http://www.vegsource.com/ The Vegsource has great message boards and recipes

and of course my favorite place to get recipes is from this list and the