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re: Trader Joe's

> I'm about to take my first trip to a Trader Joe's as I've
> recently learned that
> there are several in my area.  Does anyone have any suggestions
> as to products
> you especially like that you've purchased there.  I've seen the
> store mentioned
> on previous posts, but it was never a reality for me.

Trader Joe's ROCKS! (To borrow a term from my high school students.) There
is just SO much to look at and try there, it's amazing. Pick up a Fearless
Flyer on your way in or out so you can enjoy it at home.

I like:

1. Better than cream cheese from Tofutti
2. Vegies...all organic and SO fresh! The prices are pretty good, too.
3. Multi grain milk...you can get this in some grocery stores, but not all
the time and it's the only "milk" that I like.
4. They have LOTS of meat analogue products (Gimme Lean and Yves seem to be
the best, in my book)
5. Veggie stocks...they have mushroom stock which is WONDERFUL! Also their
Veggie stock is quite good. If you don't use it all it'll hang out in the
fridge for awhile, or I just pour it into an ice try to keep indefinitely.
6. They have these awesome maple cookies with no dairy or eggs...kinda high
in calories, as cookies go, but one is enough to satisfy your cravings and
the ingredients are wholesome.
7. Wonderful salsas and relishes.
8. Wonderful trail mixes.