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popcorn and lost recipes

<< I just put plain popcorn (Redenbacher's work's best) in a paper bag, fold 
the top 3 times, and hit the microwave button for 2 minutes. >>

Be careful--my husband says that if you cook it long enough to pop the corn,  
you are very near the ignition point of paper. Hence, your bag could catch on 
fire. He served on a submarine in the Navy, and he says they weren't allowed 
to cook popcorn like that because if it catches on fire, it ruins the 
microwave. And then they'd have to live without a microwave for the entire 
6-month cruise. Poor guys!

Sometime last fall I posted a recipe I created called Vegetarian Ghoulash (or 
something like that). It had pasta, something beany (tofu?) and something 
tomatoey with ff cheese and bread crumbs spinkled on the top. Now I can't 
find it. :-( Did anyone happen to keep it? It was a throw-together, but it 
was really good, and I'd like to make it again.