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St. Louis restaurants

great veggie places in our town - the city is rich is variety for the
veggie palette.  Don't know much about the county hangouts...Arcelia's
in Lafayette Square is mexican with several veggie options including a
great cactus dish and enchiladas de papas...PhoGrand is vietnamese with
an entire veggie section to their menu, located on south Grand - also on
South Grand is the Lemon Grass, and Siete Mares and Mekong - all easily
veggie, also try Mangia - great small town style Sicilian Italian -
their spinach lasagna is fantastic.  Thenon Lindell near Saint Louis
University is a great little place called Govinda's - and cheap too, tho
watch out the tempura is full of fried stuff!  In the Delmar loop there
is Saleems and the Red Sea - great garlic and Eastern flavors,a lso a
wraps place, easy veggie options - On the Italian Hill there's Rigazzi's
(and their fishbowl famous beer) with plenty of options with no meat,
and Favazza's if you want more upscale...
enjoy yourself - Diana in st. louis