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RE: freezing stuff

I wouldn't do it unless you like mushy Zukes, but tomatoes?  Absolutely.
What I do with them, though, is cook them with green peppers and onions --
and NO spices.  I freeze them in plastic containers.  When I need a sauce, I
whip this out and add the appropriate spices and other ingredients.
Tomatoes are so great to have prepared in advance!!

Of course, I also try to dump them onto my SIL, who cans.  She gives me more
than my share back!!  But I do have a guilty bone over that because it's so
much work...


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Does this work for tomatoes and zuchinni too?  Someone sort of planted too
plants and is going to have a ton of things this year.  BTW, any St. Louis
free lister who wants free veggies should send me a private email.  I know
did it before, but I got a new computer....so I don't know anyone's email
anymore.  I'll have lots to give away, I think, as well as lots to freeze.
the zuchinni is starting to get ready...I'll be harvesting the first one


"Christine F. Muehling" wrote:

> For the onions and peppers?  Just wash them and dice them.
> Hope this helps so someone doesn't need to eat a bushel of peaches RIGHT
> NOW!! <LOL>
> Christine