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re:rice cookers

Karen Wrote:

Yes, I have made mixed-grain pilaf in my aluminum rice cooker. I think
the trick is to use grains that take about the same amount of time:
brown rice, barley, red rices, wild rice, wheat berries.

My rice cooker problem: the rice (white or brown or mixed grains)
doesn't exactly burn, but a layer browns and sticks to the bottom, and I
have to scrape it out. It actually tastes good and is nice and crispy,
but I can't serve it with the rest of the rice or pilaf, and it's a fair
amount of work to get the pan clean. Any suggestions?

I usually soak my rice cooker when empty.  All rice cookers or at least the 
ones I have used and seen used all do the browning on the bottom.  I have 
also found that sometimes if the rice dries our other night it is easier to 
get out of the pan and then soak it with hot soapy water for a little bit and 
use a plastic pot scraper or a green scrubby and it should clean fairly 

Good luck,