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Rice cookers & slush bananas

Hi everyone,
This is my second try at this--so please, if you use a rice cooker for 
anything other than cooking rice, don't be shy.--Is there anything else I can 
cook in ours? The directions are careful to say it's not the same thing as a 
crock pot, but what about mixing grains in it? Anyone do that? (And yes, I've 
had success for years cooking rice in a tight-fitting, heavy-bottomed sauce 
pan with a lid--this new cooker is my husband's toy.)

To add to the frozen banana thread--I like to cut them into disks, freeze 
them and then mix them in the blender with ice, juice, and other fruits, 
frozen or fresh and then whip them. Makes a nice, filling low-cal, no fat 
treat. Yogurt can be added as well, but it's great without it.