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convection oven

I too have a counter top model of a convection oven. I won't go back to
using a microwave or conventional oven I can assure you!! I have found
that most cooking items are available to fit. The wonderful thing about
a convection oven is that it does not heat up the kitchen in the summer,
uses 1/3 less energy than a conventional oven, and browning happens.  I
hope this helps a little. I would check out a used book store for more
instructions on a convection oven. I have not been able to lay my hands
on my copy.  The one thing that I do a lot of though is check the food
with a flashlight to see how far along it is.  It takes a little getting
used to to get  to know how long something takes. The reason it takes
shorter to cook is that the food is being cooked with air movement all
around, not like conventional ovens where the heat comes from the top or
bottom. I hope this helps. ~P