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pressure cooker ! Convection oven?

LeeGwen and Laurie
Hello,  if you ever become a corned beef eater  NEVER cook it in a
pressure cooker.  It will never get tender.  Long slow cooking does the
trick.  Then stick it full of cloves and coat it with mustard/honey
mixture and bake it.  That was what I USED  to do and I might even still
do that once a year.  (you know when.)

Is anyone on here familiar with using a Convection Oven?  I just got a
new one to replace my regular oven that is too expensive to replace. 
This convection oven is a counter top model and is very nice.  It will do
Convection baking and plain baking, but it never told me what do in
which!!!   I am hoping it will hold my terra cotta baker so that I can
make the usual great roasted veggies.

What else can a fat free-er do with a Convection oven?    I'm totally new
at this.