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Missing digests, quinoa

Hi, all,

I am also one of those who hadn't received digests in several days.  Feeling a
 little lazy, I just went to the ff website (www.fatfree.com) and looked up 
what I was missing right there!  Much faster than waiting for the archive to 
kick in.  It's all in individual e-mail format but that can be an advantage 
at times.

And it's been interesting to read all these quinoa posts.  I first heard of 
it here on the list and it's been a regular part of my diet ever since.  I, 
the ultimate tea drinker, even buy coffee filters just to rinse it off!  
Sometimes I mix it 1 part quinoa to 2 parts other grains (brown rice, barley) 
because my one son doesn't like the texture by itself.  For me and my other 
son, I cook it either in broth as a base for veggies or chili, or in apple or 
orange juice as a breakfast-y kind of thing.  I add it to my ratatouille to 
absorb some of the cooking juices so things don't boil over and we get the 
added nutritional bonus as well.  Let us know what you try!