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Anna. Egg Beaters

Hi Everybody!!
What's "egg beaters" (also referred to as "egg substitute" - I think)?
it be replaced with something else? And what would the proportion be?
Does anybody know of brands for sale in the UK?
I am not a strict vegan as I sometimes eat products containing eggs, so
would be the benefit of using an egg substitute, if any?
Oh, btw I found this recipe on a web site yesterday
(http://www.dietwatch.com), which called for egg beaters. It sounded
delicious & I will try it as soon as I know what this "egg beaters"
Ah, I'm sure you could replace the Full Fat Cheese with a Very Low Fat
Non-Fat Version.
Enjoy it!!

Anna from London (England)  "End Quote

In the USA  Eggbeaters is a egg substitute w/ no fat and no
cholesterol.  It is in liquid form and you replace 1 egg with  1/4 c of
eggbeaters.  There are several other brands of this egg substitute, Egg
Beaters is just the brand that this recipe chose to use.  Hope this