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Re: Chilli Sauce

I put hot sauce on EVERYTHING. Some really tasty suggestions would be to put it on baked potatoes, in tuna (with a little mustard), over couscous or rice... I also will take some tomato sauce, add some kidney beans and hot sauce and it makes a sort of pseudo-chili. Very tasty... good luck!

From: "Hungry Moon" <hungry.moon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "FatFree" <fatfree@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Chilli Sauce
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 19:35:12 +0100

London, 18th May 2000.

I've just bought a bottle of 'chilli sauce' and I've realised I've got no
idea how to use it in ff salad dressings, or anything else for that matter!!
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to e-mail me
privately, if you wish.

Thanx in advance,

Anna from London (England)

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