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Re:Roux for cheese sauce

Hi Kristen

I make the sauce without margarine.  I put about 2 heaped dessert spoons of
cornflour in a pan and mix in a little skimmed (fatfree) milk and stir until
all the lumps are gone.  Then I add the rest of the milk (about a pint for
the amount of cornflour above) and bring to the boil.  It thickens up nicely
and when I add the low fat cheese, some white pepper and a little dry
mustard you can't really tell the difference.

Hope this helps,


> Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 12:29:52 +1000
> From: "Andrews, Kirsten (K. Beazley, MP)" <Kirsten.Andrews@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Roux for cheese sauce
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> I am in a cauliflower and cheese phase at the moment, where I
> steam/microwave cauliflower, cover it with a cheese sauce and put it in
> oven covered with a few breadcrumbs.  Delicious!
> I am trying to lower the fat content of the cheese sauce, and can do so
> using skim milk, low fat cheese and a lot less cheese than I used to, but
> the sauce has always begun with a roux made from flour and margarine.
> mixture ensures that the sauce thickens as the milk heats up in the
> saucepan.
> I wonder if there is some way I can omit the margarine from this recipe?
> Does cornflour work for thickening such sauces?  If so, how much and when
> it put in in the heating process?
> Thanks for all your help
> Kirsten
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