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mac n chs

A friend recently gave me a cheese sauce recipe that was actually very
good.  I have to admit it's not the healthiest, but it tasted just like
the packaged mac-n-cheese I loved as a kid.  I served it as an alfredo
over linguini, but any pasta or vegetable would be great.

First of all it called for melting 1 Tbsp butter, which I skipped, but
if you're into the butter buds, I'm sure they'd do for the extra flavor.

1 can evaporated skim milk (15oz?)
1 8oz package fat free cream cheese
salt/pepper to taste

Warm the evaporated milk in a pot.  Add the cream cheese scoop by scoop
(to melt it easier).  Wisk the mixture over low heat until completely
incorporated and heated through.  Season to taste.

That's it!  Serve over pasta, potatoes, cauliflower, whatever!