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RE: Roux for cheese sauce

Get this:  I make macaroni and cheese without a roux and sometimes not even
with milk.  My husband and evil MIL snarf it up.

I use butterbuds, which I let thicken.  I whisk in the flour.  I add water
and cook it, whisking until it thickens.  Looks very gross.
Usually at this point I whisk in the dry skim milk powder until it looks
rich enough.
Once, I forgot.  I threw in the Velveeta light and kept stirring (and
talking on the phone).  Never did get that milk in there.

I haven't stuck this into MC to get the values yet, but I'm willing to bet
it's lower than one would expect! <LOL>

Also, some of the Hemp RELLA cheeses melt pretty well and taste good.  I add
dry mustard powder for a bite sometimes.

Hope this helps with some ideas...