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Re: Missing digest #158

Oops! I just tried this command and it doesn't seem to be working any more. Several others have gotten the same response which is:
File volume00/158 is currently not available.
N.B. Filenames are case sensitive!

Michelle, does this mean the retrieval command is no longer active?

Natalie in Milwaukee

My previous posting:
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 08:37:34 -0500
To: fatfree
From: Natalie Frankel <natalie.frankel@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Missing digest #158

You wrote that you didn't receive digest #158. Here are the instructions for retrieving digests. I'm posting this to the list again in case some of our newer members didn't realize we could do this.

Send a message to: fatfree-request@xxxxxxxxxxx
(Notice you have to put REQUEST in or it just goes to the list)
In the subject line put: archive
In the message part put only: get volume00/158
(Notice where the space is - after get and notice the slash after the year)
Send the message
As an example, the message above would get you digest #158 for 2000. Just
change the digest number as desired and the year when it changes. Good luck
and write if you need any help.

Natalie in Milwaukee