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Re: anchovy substitute

How about capers?  They're very salty.

> Can't remember ever having anchovies but don't they just taste very salty
> (poor little souls)?
> Not sure where you're coming from but if it's from the welfare angle you
> can't replicate all the taste/texture you had before. And sometimes there's
> just no substitute. But you'll get used to it if you have the motivation.
> Good luck...
> Viv Carbines
> 07967 103126
> "You'll Never Walk Alone with a Basenji"
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> From: Melissa Horton <mhorton@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: 'fatfree@xxxxxxxxxxx' <fatfree@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: 16 June 2000 00:11
> Subject: anchovy substitute
> >Back in the bad ol' days, I had a wonderful salad dressing recipe which
> >required anchovy fillets blended with vinegar, cream and herbs. I can
> easily
> >substitute yoghurt for the cream, but cant find anything that resembles the
> >taste of anchovy - it is just not the same without it!  I would very much
> >appreciate any ideas for substitutes.
> >Thanks, Melissa
> >
> >