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no paper toweling

In response the request for making yogurt cheese without
paper towels, I use special yogurt cheese filters that I
bought that are plastic.  They are the size of the average
coffee filter, and they hold their shape (hard plastic)
so you can set them in a measuring cup, for example.
Normally, I would not buy such a gadget, but I really like
them and find them useful for other things as well.  For
example, rinsing quinoa, or anything in smaller size
quantities that requires a fine-mesh.


Ellen M. Sentovich
Research Scientist			
Cadence Berkeley Laboratories	1 510 647-2807 (office)
2001 Addison Street, 3rd floor	1 510 486-0205 (FAX)
Berkeley, CA  94704-1103		ellens@xxxxxxxxxxx