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Re: Grill

On Wed, 26 Jul 2000 03:19:15 -0700, Jenny wrote:

>I've just got myself a health grill [George Forman
>type thing] and need some veg recipes or any yummy
>ideas. I know that this topic has been discussed a
>few times but I don't know where to start looking
>in the digest archives. I thought they were
>seachable, but obviously I was wrong. So any ideas
>please would be much appreciated.
   I have a George Foreman grill, I love it and use it a
lot.  We do eat meat, but this is a vegetarian list, so I'll
just mention what I do with the grill that's vegetarian:

   Grilled veggies - marinate sliced veggies for about 10
minutes in your choice of marinade.  I generally use either
an olive oil (sorry-just a little bit!) and balsamic vinegar
mix, or a tamari-sherry mix with chopped fresh gingerroot.
Barbecue sauce could be another choice.  The balsamic
vinegar marinade is my favorite.
   Grill the veggies about 4 minutes.

  I've grilled the following (all are excellent): onions,
mushrooms, Portabello mushrooms, zucchini, yellow summer
squash, green peppers, broccoli, eggplant, thick slices of
tomato.  I will try asparagus when I have some, there's no
reason why cauliflower florets couldn't be used also.
I have not tried this but I believe thick precooked (boiled)
slices of sweet potato or regular potato would be good too.

  The veggies are really excellent this way:  I grill a
whole plateful of various veggies for my dinner sometimes! 

  I also grill tempeh - marinate for about ten minutes, as
above.  Excellent way to cook tempeh.  

  I tried pressed, very-firm tofu but it wasn't good at all
in the grill.  Not a success.

  Grilled cheese sandwiches are wonderful in the grill:
just bread, the cheese (which I suppose could be fatfree
cheese, I actually use 75% reduced fat cheddar), thick slice
of tomato:  no butter or oil is necessary.  This takes about
3-4 minutes - you can see when the cheese is all melted.

 I hope you enjoy your grill as much as we do ours!