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Re: Canned Corn

The simplest thing that I do is drain a can of corn and a can of beans, say
pinto or Great Northern, heat them up together, and voila! instant main
dish!  You can flavor it any way you like; I like to add some hot sauce.  

I can also imagine creating a creamy effect by adding a couple of spoonsful
of fatfree sour cream to the heated mixture, with some curry powder to
flavor it, although I haven't tried doing this particular mix (corn/beans)
in that way.


>Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 03:26:27 EDT
>From: Mortis5555@xxxxxxx
>Does anyone have any ides on how to use canned corn? My mom bought a ton of 
>the stuff, and I know it's going to sit there for the rest of our lives if 
>someone doesnt think of something to do with it. Help!