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Re: dealing with hot peppers

I guess I'm not as susceptible to peppers as some, as I've only experienced a
mild burning. I believe that capsaicin (the 'HOT' in peppers) is 'oil soluble'.
Therefore water, even with soap, may not be the best way to wash it off. Next
time your hands are burning, rub on/in a generous amount of hand lotion between
washings. Vegetable or olive oil would probably work too, maybe even better.
Hope this helps.

Jeff Nygren
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Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2000 15:42:38 -0800
From: "Bonnie" <solomon1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: dealing with hot peppers
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I have done that too!  My hands literally burned until the next day.  I
could not take my hands out of ice long enough to go to the bathroom without
me grimacing in pain.  Please, please wear gloves.