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restaurants in Paris

>The restaurant specializing in mushrooms is called La Truffe

No, this is not the one I was referring to.  La Truffe is in the 8th
near the Madeleine, and the one I am thinking of is in the 4th.  I'll
hunt down the name at home when I get back from all my travels.

>The other restaurant -veggie/healthy/organic- is I think
>Entre Ciel et Terre. I am not
>sure if they are low-fat if you don't specially check(they
>have rich desserts). However, they have good food,
>interesting flavors/textures -vegetables and grains. They
>had only about 12 tables so call for reservations-we went on
>a Friday night in February and got the last table.

This one is in the 2nd I believe.  A nice restaurant, but also not
the other one I was referring to (which is in the 5th, on the
other side of the Seine).  Entre Ciel et Terre is nice but NOT

>Right near Notre Dame is Grenier du Notre Dame which (if I
>remember) does more tofu/seitan type stuff along with veggies.

This one I have not tried!  I would be interested in hearing a report
about it!