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soy milk

Susan, we had a funny experience with soy milk recently.  We normally use
Pacific Vanilla as a coffee/tea creamer.  We aren't vegan, but my husband
used a lot of milk in his coffee (must be that French blood) and thought
he'd like to cut down on dairy.  Anyway, we were totally devoted to this one
brand and went into withdrawal when an out-of-state visit had to be extended
beyond our supply.  He went back to nonfat cow's milk and thought it tasted
really weird for 3-4 days before becoming accustomed to it.  Then we
returned home to Pacific Vanilla soy milk and thought it tasted really weird
for the first week.  We knew soy milk was an acquired taste - but the
surprise is that cow's milk is an equally acquired taste!  
BTW, Pacific is the only brand we like, after trying every brand on the
co-op shelves.  Most people have a favorite and stick to it.  Give it the
week-long test.