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Re: Chipotle in Adobe Sauce

Becky says:
>With the cans of chipotle in adobo sauce, I puree an entire can and
>store it in a jar in the refrigerator.

I pull the peppers out and carefully (because the peppers
are soft) scrape off the majority of the seeds.  The seeds
are where the HOT HOT HOT is located.  I love it hot, but my
SO has problems with it so I do this for him (ain't love grand?)
Then I chop it all up and transfer it all (minus the seeds) to
a *glass* jar.  I use an empty instant coffee jar.

Once in a glass jar in the refrigerator, it just lasts forever.
Now this assumes that you only use clean knives, spoons,
whatever to get some of it out of the jar.  No fingers!  When
I left the seeds in, those little jars lasted forever - about
9 months.  Once I started removing the seeds, the jar would
be empty in about 3 months because we ate more of it.

>You rarely need more than a teaspoon of the puree at a time.

I am able to use more since it's milder without the seeds and
that way I get more of that yummy smokey flavor.

>I use it mostly in Mexican foods
>although I've even seen recipes calling for using a very small amount
>of it as a bread spread when making a sandwich.

Oh yes, yum yum.  Mix a little into fatfree mayo - nice flavor
boost.  I spread a real thin layer onto tortillas, rolled up with
roasted veges.  Put a little into a pot of beans or soup.  (cook
for a few minutes and then taste, the heat builds up and it's
easy to add to much at the start).  Geez, now I'm hungry.  8-)

>(Sorry I don't know
>how long it will last and I've never tried freezing it although it
>would probably be fine to try freezing it in ice cube trays.)

I've done that.  Works well, but only about 3 months.  Then the
flavor wimps out.  It actually lasts longer in a glass jar (again,
use only clean spoons, etc.)

One more thing - read the label!  Some brands add sugar and I've
noticed some add oil.  A little sugar is ok for the adobe sauce,
but I noticed there's one brand that has way too much sugar.
Look at the grams of sugar on the label and compare.