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Re: broth question

Lest Joe now feel suicidal for breaking a cyber rule, may I just add that
there IS vegetarian 'chicken' broth..which I have purchased and used from
time to time. It comes in a powdered form and a canned form.
I'm not sure that is what you meant, exactly, but it iS available for
anyone who cares to use it.


At 11:08 AM 2/23/00 -0500, you wrote:
>>Can anyone tell me how chicken broth can be lower in fat
>that vegetable
>>broth?  I use broth to saute many different foods but have
>not figured
>>out what is the difference between chicken and vegetable
>broth.  Are both
>>really vegetarian and low fat?
>For the purposes of this fatfree list, your question is not
>relevant, this is a VEGETARIAN list. chicken broth is made
>from chickens, chickens are not plants.
>If, however, you are not a vegetarian and choose to use
>chicken broth, refrigerate it and skim off all visible fat.
>That said, I have broken the rules of the list, we should
>not be discussing animal flesh and broth here.
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