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Re: Restaurants

What about Japanese restaurants?
I usually get the nori maki (vegan "sushi" rolls).
Those appear fat free (if you hold the avocado)
Even with avocado, it is just one little slice.
I also get suki-aki stirfry which seems to be fat free.
Veggie curry is good, as is miso soup.
Most, if not all, Japanese food is cooked to order,
so you can ask them to make it without oil.

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> Where to go for lunch while working?  Can anyone make any general
> statements about types of restaurants that may be more healthful
> (fatfree) than others.  For instance, are Chinese vegetarian dishes
> low fat or fatfree?  Is there an ethnic-type that is more healthful?
> Ponderosa and some other restaurants had wonderful salad bars years
> ago. But now they have added so many salads that are pre-prepared
> (such as cold slaw, potatoe salad, etc., with tons of fat) they have
> displaced many vegetables.  Are raw salads the only choice?
> I understand that cooking methods make the difference but is there a
> culture that never cooks with oil?  I don't mean to "knock" any
> culture but where do healthful (fatfree) people live?  Perhaps someone
> would have a suggestion about a national chain that caters to low fat
> or fatfree alternatives.  Thanks.
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