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Here's a great low-fat suggestion that comes from a method
of preparation from those rumored-to-be-high-fat French:

Cook things in "papillote".

Papillote is the word for the form of candy that is a small
round or rectangular piece, has a piece of paper wrapped
around it, and the paper is twisted at the two ends.

Now, take a piece of foil, but some lowfat fish or some
vegetables, put a few slides of lemon, put some herbs, wrap
the foil like a "papillote" and put it in the oven or on the
barbeque.  The flavors blend wonderfully.

When you order a papillote in France (usually a fish I 
believe), the whole papillote, foil and all, comes on your
plate and is nice and steamy when you open it.  Delicious!

Bon appetit!