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chocolate, etc

Anna x writes:

>the junk I was stuffing myself with, & it's made me change all my eating
>habits almost overnight. Now I don't eat anything I haven't prepared myself.
>No more chocolate, no more MacDonalds (

Hey, read the label on Hershey's baking cocoa!  You will be surprised to
find the low content of fat!  Now take a banana, cut it lengthwise and
widthwise (4 pieces), spread them on a plate, sprinkle with this chocolate,
and microwave!  Yum!  The banana has plenty of sugar to sweeten the chocolate.

As for Mc Donald's, I haven't been there in years, but I remember a variety
of choices of salads (one with only veggies, one with shrimp if you do fish),
and automatically the dressing is on the side.

Just to point out that if one has a tolerance of up to 10% of fat (some
don't), there are actually very few places one cannot eat!  It just gets
a little tiresome to say no butter, no cream, no oil (some people do not
understand the no fat thing), no cheese, no dressing, etc...