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Subject: Chopped "liver" (was: Re: FATFREE Digest V00 #334chepped liver)

Zeftu@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Having said all that you might try eggplant in place of , or in
> combination
> with, the green beans.  I have had a tasty mock liver spread from a
> kosher
> distributor that lists eggplant as main ingredient.  However this one
> also had lots of oil .
One of Debra Wasserman's books (either LowFat Jewish Vegetarian Cookbook
or No-Cholesterol Passover recipes - I'll have to check at home tonight)
has a mock chopped liver that is so realistic, I had to go and ask again
to make sure it really was vegetarian 8-). It was based on mushrooms, I
think ... and probably wasn't really fatfree. I'll see if I can find it
Be well, Hadass

Hadass Eviatar
Winnipeg, Canada
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your G-d. Micah 6:8.