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Re: Chopped liver

I need this one too, o'boy! If anyone can come up with a recipe that truly 
mimics at least a facsimile of the taste of chopped liver like my grandma 
used to make, I'd be in seventh heaven. I've had some veggie chopped liver at 
Wild Oats and Whole Foods -- tastes nice, but not even close to resembling 
the real McCoy. Also had some at a jewish deli in Michigan, was very good, 
but they wouldn't part with the recipe... 
BTW: I made egg salad with second nature egg substitute and you really could 
not tell the difference! I hard scrambled the mixture, added onion powder, a 
drop of pepper, paprika, to the cooled the scramble, can add celery, chopped 
onions if wanted, ff mayo. Really good. Also good if onions are carmelized, 
but not as egg salad.