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Re: Pressure cooker foaming

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> Tom asked:
> "...the instructions say to add 1Tbs. of oil for every cup
> of water when cooking rice or beans to keep down the foam."

\and  Beverly replied:

> Forget it, Tom.  For beans all you need to do is just
> either give a quick spray of a non-stick spray (quick is
> the important word here) or just add two or three DROPS of
> oil.  Doing so will retard the possibility of foaming and
> when it comes to your tight regimen, the oil added is
> negligible.  DO add the drops, however, else it is possible
> that the foaming could block the regulator.

I have been using a pressure cooker for many years as did my mother before
me and I have NEVER added oil to beans or grains.  If you remember not to
overfill the pressure cooker you will almost certainly not have a problem -
even a little overfilled, I have never had the problem of frothing.  BTW,
according to my various pressure cooker cook books, those beans most likely
to froth and cause problems are those with skins which come off in the
cooking - e.g. chick peas and, to some extent, soy beans.  If you are a
nervous PC cook, these are the beans for which I would suggest the oil.

Lee-Gwen (pressure cooker devotee)