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Artificial sweetners

Rbrown (V00/319) wrote:

"Difficult, I might add, for those of us who can only
tolerate their hot and cold drinks sweet."

I used to be the same.  Then I got tired of the conflicing
claims.  Now I drink my coffee, tea, etc., straight black.
It takes a week or so to get used to the taste and another
few days to begin to appreciate the flavor of the drink for
what it is.  The yuckie taste disappears and soon you'll be
able to stop adding what you don't want.

It can be done!



Kasha (buckwheat groats as Jane already pointed out) is
best when it is cooked EXACTLY according to the directions
on the side of a box of Wolf's Kasha.  Kasha comes in
several "grinds."  My favorite is the medium, although I do
use recipes in which I use the whole kernel.

The directions are to mix an egg (white) into the kasha and
stir dry in a cooking pan before adding the hot water.  Not
following this crucial step will yield the yuckiest gunk
conceivable.  By following the directions to the letter,
however, you will wind up with a nice light and fluffy
side dish.

Eating it dry is tolerable, but I like to use some sort of
gravy over it.  Keep in mind that "gravy" doesn't have to
mean fatty residue.  Try some veggie stock into which you
add some corn starch slurry.  Yumm...

Beverly Kurtin

My Food Coach
"Successful Strategies"

What is food to one may be fierce
 poison to others - Lucretius