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Ready-made Pizza Crusts

Hi, Kathleen, where are you located?  In the Chicago area, Dominick's
supermarkets carry a brand of ready-made pizza crusts called Mama Mary, and
Jewel carries their own brand (President's Choice, or some such thing).
Both are cheeseless.  I use the Mama Mary ones all the time--usually keep a
package or two in the freezer.  We have little pizzas at least once a week,
with sundried tomato spread and soy cheese and fresh tomato slices.
Mmmmmmmmm.  They are 7" in diameter.  The serving size is 1/2 crust, and
there are 5g of fat in each serving.  That includes 1g of saturated fat but
no cholesterol.  They are not quite vegan as they do contain honey.  They
are made by Spartan Foods of America, Inc. in Spartanburg, SC.

Hope you can find them, or some substitute.  The alternative is a baking
orgy--make your own and stuff a big supply in the freezer.


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