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I agreee with all my heart that we have a way to beat heart
disease, stroke, and a host of other ailments that eating
too much fat can cause.  However I sometimes think that we
go way overboard when it comes to what we cook and eat.

What I am talking about is using tiny amounts of flavored
oils to enhance our enjoyment of the foods we serve
ourselves and our families.

What prompted this note was Kathleen's getting rid of the
sesame seeds and sesame oil in a recipe for Soba salad.
I've "cured" myself of such drastic methods by figuring how
many grams of fat are in, say, 10 drops of sesame oil.  It
is so small that it is nutritionally insignificant.  So I
add the drops of oil and the flavor of some of my favorite
foods explodes.

Sesame seeds add a nice lively touch.  Instead of pouring
the whole bottle on something, just sprinkle a few seeds to
add eye appeal.

The payoff is that people eat what I cook without me having
to tell them that it is nearly no fat and they don't
grumble about the supposed lack of flavor in what they are

Can we think moderation and still lose what we need to

Beverly Kurtin
The Phone Coach
"Coaching Potential to Reality"