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Re: Rec: Passover Broccoli Knishes

On Sun 16 Apr 2000, GwynneC@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi Natalie,
> Your recipe for Passover Broccoli Knishes sounds wonderful. Thanks for 
> posting it. Can you tell me where I would find Potato starch?

I'm not Natalie, but I hope this is helpful; I get potato starch very
cheaply in large bags from the local Chinese supermarket. Its
thickening power is *greater* than cornflour (US=cornstarch) or
wheatflour, so look out! It also seems to "break down" more easily
with time, so for example if you make a mousse thickened with it and
leave it in the fridge overnight, it may weep. I use it to thicken
stirfry sauces, among other things.