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FW: Rec: Passover Broccoli Knishes

Darn, I still haven't figured out how the non-digest works ...

Be well, Hadass in Winnipeg

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Sent: Monday, April 17, 2000 10:59 AM
To: 'Kate L Pugh'
Subject: RE: Rec: Passover Broccoli Knishes

Kate wrote:
> On Sun 16 Apr 2000, GwynneC@xxxxxxx wrote:
> > Hi Natalie,
> >
> > Your recipe for Passover Broccoli Knishes sounds wonderful.
> Thanks for
> > posting it. Can you tell me where I would find Potato starch?
> I'm not Natalie, but I hope this is helpful; I get potato starch very
> cheaply in large bags from the local Chinese supermarket.

It's probably unnecessary to point this out, but food made with potato
starch from the Chinese supermarket would not be kosher for Passover. KLP
potato starch can be bought in many regular supermarkets this time of year,
and certainly at any kosher grocery.

Be well, Hadass in Winnipeg (enjoying all the recipes!).