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dressings for eating out

<<although I haven't tried it yet, it looks

Dijon - Balsamic Dressing

2 T Dijon mustard
1 cup Balsamic Vinegar
a squeeze of lemon
herbs of choice (oregano, pepper, garlic etc.)
A little honey or sugar to taste>>

Yes, oh, yes!  A while back, there was a discussion of how to eat out
at restaurants.  This kind of dressing is really helpful at salad bars
and sandwich places.  Who knows what's in half those "ff" dressings,
so I just whip together a little spicy mustard and some balsamic
vinegar.  Or use some red wine vinegar if they don't have balsamic.

And that reminds me of a nice dessert for a salad bar place ...
strawberries with a little black pepper and a spritz of balsamic
vinegar.  I know it sounds funny, but it's really good!  I had this
years ago at a funky Italian place here and loved it.  Everyone thinks
I'm weird, then they take a nibble.  "Not too bad" or "Wow!" are the
most common resonses, even from kids.  Part of why I'm reminded is
that I've taken the dessert a step farther and made it into a salad
dressing at home ... just pop into the blender or food processor
strawberries, balsamic vinegar, coarsely ground black pepper, and a
little honey.  MMMMMMM!