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eggless salad

For eggless salad use the tofu that comes in the tub, not the shelf kind.  
Drain and press as much liquid as you can from the tofu.  Crumble, then add 
onion, celery chopped as you like it, you could also grate some carrot and 
add if you wish.  I use Nayonaise fatfree and you could put in a little 
mustard too.  Easy and very good.

For the person making carrot/raisin salad, I would use the Nayonaise for that 
as well.  

You can experiment a bit with Nayonaise, adding a bit of other fatfree 
dressings to taste.   Naynaise is made primarily from silken tofu.  You can 
buy the regular or fatfree.  Why buy the regular when the fatfree tastes the 
same (to me.)