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cabbage soup

Hi!  I?ve been lurking for a while.   Someone recently requested a recipe for 
Cabbage Soup and I just happen to have been eating a lot of it lately!  My 
recipe has evolved, (and may still be evolving!) but this is currently what 
it looks like.   This makes a LOT of soup, but that was my aim - to make a 
big batch of something healthy, virtually fat free, that I can easily feed on 
during the week.  It may be a bit bland for some tastes, but you can always 
add more spices.  You only need to omit the chicken broth to make a vegan 
meal.  If there is any special characteristics a cabbage soup should have 
(aside from cabbage!) this soup probably doesn?t have them, because I had no 
traditional conception of what a cabbage soup should be!

Cabbage Soup

1 Head of cabbage, chopped
12 oz mushrooms, sliced
1 lb small boiling onions, peeled but left whole
1 14 ½ oz can broth
1 ½ cups tomato sauce
1 8 ¾ oz can corn
1  14 or 15 oz can kidney beans

Put cabbage, mushrooms and onions in a very large pot.  Pour tomato sauce and 
chicken broth over vegetables.  Add water to cover (approx. ½ to ¾ gallon).  
Heat to boiling, then allow to simmer for 30 to 40 minutes.  Vegetables are 
cooked when onions are fork tender.  Add canned corn and canned kidney beans. 
 Season to taste (I just use lots of Mrs. Dash).  Ready to serve - or 
refrigerate for later use.