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Re: eggplant!!

On Fri 21 Apr 2000, Lemrac1@xxxxxxx wrote:
> does anyone have an idea as to how I can make my eggplant and not
> have it turn out mushy?  ive tried broiling, BBQ, overbaking...but its
> always soft.  any suggestions would be great, thanks.

This might seem obvious, but have you tried cooking it for not quite
so long? It gets softer the longer you cook it. One method I tried out
yesterday was grilling slices (3/4 cm - is this about 1/4 inch? -
thick) on one of those ridged griddle pans - a heavy non-stick one
belonging to a housemate. I rubbed dried oregano and a bit of salt on
it beforehand, leaving it to marinade for about 1/2 hour. It turned
out really well - the grill marks were really pretty. I like it fairly
soft, so I cooked it for ages, but you could cook it for a shorter
length of time if you don't like it soft.