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Re: Finding Potato Starch

GwyneeC@xxxxxxx asked where to find potato starch for the Passover Broccoli Knishes I recently posted. Potato starch is located in the grocery store in the ethnic aisle with Jewish foods - it will be in an orange and green box with the brand name Manischewitz. There are several other brands, but this is the most common one and likely to be found in the grocery store. However, at this time of year most stores have their Passover items prominently located at the end of the aisle and you will find it there.

For anyone that doesn't observe Passover or if making these at other times during the year than Passover, good substitutes for the potato starch are rice flour or EnerG Egg Replacer (which is, incidentally, potato starch - with leavening added). The 2 TB potato starch (or substitute) is dry measure.

Don't be fooled when you make the "dough" - it feels a bit more like mashed potatoes than actual dough. Just pat it gently into shape and it will work.

Natalie in Milwaukee