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Re: cooking greens

I have been cooking greens for a long time. One way is just washing, cutting 
them up and adding them near the end to any and all soups. I usually make 
soups in my pressure cooker, so I add the greens AFTER the pressure's come 
down. It takes very little cooking, I've found. Another way I cook greens is 
to cook minced garlic and chopped onion in some broth. I cook this nice and 
slow, and then, when they're done, I throw in the washed-and-still-wet, 
chopped up greens, cover the pan and cook until tender to your taste. Season 
and serve. I have found that collard greens are really very sweet, and they 
are my favorite, although the slight bitterness and the great textures in 
broccoli rabe is wonderful, too. Hope this helps!
-Caroline in CT

<<I have another cooking need: I cook a lot more greens lately, stronger
tasting ones like kale and collards and mustard. I usually saute them 
in garlic and **l to make them a little more palatable. I'd like to 
eliminate the fat from them, but I really like the texture achieved
by using **l, and I like the tamer flavor. Any suggestions?>>